5 Hours On Collins St.

Today, my parents were kind enough to take me to Collins street (basically, it's the Rodeo Drive of Melbourne but not as awesome) and yes, we did spend 5 hours walking up and down the wide and busy street. It certainly was nice to do some calm window shopping but I also got this adorably awesome key chain from Prada (thank you, daddy)!

Some shops are having sales (Gucci, Prada (up to 50% off!!), etc.) but many shops aren't participating in the end of year sales.

Also, in David Jones (the Bourke St. one) now, there are these 'mini shops' like Coach, Burberry, Miu Miu, Fendi and Dior! They're not official flagship shops but hey, it's the ONLY PLACE THEY SELL DIOR HANDBAGS IN MELBOURNE which really sucks so if you're in town, go check it out.

Here's a picture of the key chain I bought today (it's the little jester/joker on the left):

P.S If you live in Melbourne, you should definitely have lunch at the Grand Hyatt Hotel and have some of their mashed potatoes with your meal as a side dish. (I know, it's not really art/fashion related but it's seriously so goooood!)

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  1. hey, i'm really interested in the Prada keychain you bought, but i cant find it anywhere because they don't sell it anymore.. i have travelled everywhere and couldn't find it. could you perhaps tell me if you know a Prada store that is still selling it? or if you are interested, can i buy it off of you in at least a good condition? the keychain means a lot to me and i will do anything to get it. how much did you buy it for? email me in jm_lulu_hl@hotmail.com and we'll have a conversation. thank you so much..