Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2010

With a new season, comes a new collection. This season, Stella McCartney certainly blew me away with her spring summer 2010 collection. The backdrop was bursting with colour but admist all of it, was the word YES printed boldy in the middle. The designs were very clean and not too busy with only one piece of clothing that had a print on it on each model. My favourite part of the show was the 'frou frou' (as Twiggy described it) which became evident as the show progressed into the second half. It looked absolutely gorgeous and I simply have no idea how she (Stella McCartney) did it. I'd say it is very different from what Stella McCartney usually has in her collections with the burst of bright colours, but different for the better. This collection is definitely one of my favourites from the spring summer collections.

Natasha Poly

Photo Source: style.com