Danny Roberts

If any of you are interested in fashion illustrations/paintings, you should check out Danny Roberts' work. He has a blog (igorandandre.blogspot.com) where he posts his new work (he almost has a new piece of work everyday!). I'd say that most of his pieces of work have either Lily Cole or Gemma Ward in them who, I assume, are great inspirations of his when it comes to his work. He is also illustrating a childrens' book which is also a collaboration with Sophie Ward, who happens to be Gemma Ward's sister! Also, you can buy one of his t-shirts that has a print of the 'Girls in Glasses.' I got one but it's too big for me right now but I'll grow into it soon. (:

Photo Source: igorandandre.blogspot.com

Photo Source: leblogdebetty.com


  1. I love leblogdebetty! She's so cute and dresses flawless!