Today; 20-1-10

Today my brother and I had an epic water fight (yes, you read that correct). Yesterday for his birthday he got this really cool water splash gun thing so he had that, whereas I had a tiny pistol that was as big as my foot. So... I'm pretty soaked :)

I got this really awesome picture of him though. Pretty dumb of me to bring a non-waterproof camera to a water fight though.

Incase you havent realised, I have a younger brother (9). I also have a younger sister(10), though none of us three look like each other.

Outfit I wore today...

Zara Singlet, H&M Leggings, Little Marc Bag, Nordic Design Clogs, Scarlett & Sly Bangle, Quick Brown Fox Shirt, Vintage Scarf and Bingo Betty Nerd Glasses.
I wanted to wear this headband, but my mum said she wouldn't go out with me in it (she's embarssed by my induviduality) so I had to take it off. She didn't want me going out as a 'Madonna-Replica'.

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  1. Really pretty (: especially like the bag!

    - Becky