i swore to myself that these holidays i wwould
a) NOT stay at home and do nothing
b) learn how to sew WELL
c) use my new sewing skills to make something
lets see if i do them.
These are random pictures I found on my harddrive that I haven't used yet.
1 - new boots (think doc martens) you can't really see them but the picture's cool. DOC'S ARE CELEBRATING 50 YEARS THIS YEAR WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOO!
2- lockers - for school we're doing a science talent thing (bare with me, this will make sense) and we're allowed to do photography of something scientific (i'm getting there....) and I basically just skipped class - with permission, of course - and took pictures of everything I could find, scientific or not ;)
3-the clouds the other day were such a pretty colour I took a picture
4 - DKNY skirt I have that I wore the other day, I have pictures of my outfit but I was sick and look terrible... so I'm just showing you the hem of my skirt...?

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