A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water

(Title is a quote by Carl Reiner)

I see you pondering, why the talk of snow? Well I'll tell you young fool, I'm going to ski camp. Wow, I'm too cool, man. No, but it's exciting for me - I've been begging to go for, pfffft - six years? How is this all related to a fashion blog? Patience is a virtue... I got to thinking, Oh GOD what am I going to wear? So I sit here listening to Kanye West - OH, I KID YOU NOT! -(I really cannot be bothered to search something new into youtube, so I'm stuck on his channel) looking at the fall runways and what do I find? I find a little friend -Riccardo Tisci's genius in the form of Givenchy (fall 2010).
All his warm sweaters - the kind that look like your grandma knitted them -parading down the runway on models like Natasha Poly reminded me of the knitted sweaters the Weasley mum creates for her many children in Harry Potter. I've included a picture, because, well, Harry Potter is quite superior.

RIGHTO - Givenchy...

I really liked the alligator boots - especially the red. There isn't a lot of colour in this collection, mainly red and a bit of blue and yellow. Riccardo stuck to black and white mainly.

I wasn't going to say anything but, a bit unprofessional leaving the hair tucked in there. What say you?

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