continuing on with the jewellery theme-ish thing...

Here are some photos of some pieces of jewellery that I wear a lot. I have more photos of other pieces, too, but my computer is being really slow so uploading is taking too long and testing my patience to much. :S

A aqua coloured leather bracelet my friend gave me five years ago, she bought it in Florence and I pretty much always wear it with my Tiffany's.
My beloved Tiffany's. I bought it three years ago in London...good memories. (:
I got this Marc by Marc Jacobs ring just around a week or so ago for my 14th birthday! It chunky and it 'jingles' a lot...but I love it.
A nice necklace pendant my mother bought for me. It's amber.


  1. I still have my bracelet from Elsa too...

  2. die armband is echt heel leuk!
    liefs, http://lookbook.nu/user/176541-Lisanne-D

  3. Wow, the pendant is really beautiful.

  4. That last pendant is so cute. where is it from? it looks like a human heart i believe.


  5. You guys haven't stopped blogging, have you?

  6. No, we haven't it's just that we've been pretty busy lately with the semester finishing up in two weeks and then we have our holidays and I'm going to Shanghai then. Sorry about the lack of posts, I am the most inconsistent blogger there is out there.