(design by) JUDE

'Jude began crafting objects with his own two hands from a young age. His father was an antiques dealer who travelled the globe to buy and sell his precious wares. Their home resembled an Alladin’s Cave of ancient refinement – incredible statues, ornately carved wood, glorious ceremonial textiles and opulent jewellery crammed every possible nook and cranny. Inevitably, this fantastical backdrop has become the foundation of Jude’s inspiration, and has shaped his ideas on art and craft.

Jude trained as a painter at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. His strong interest in fashion has always influenced his artwork, as he combined his fine art skill with a love of handicraft and workmanship to create wearable works of art.

Jude has sold his one-off and exclusive accessories through various independent designer boutiques in Melbourne and Singapore, and creates bespoke, made to order pieces for clients. He has also held a solo exhibition showcasing his jewelry alongside paintings and costume pieces.

Jude draws from a myriad of influences for his work. High art, street art, pop culture, haute couture, costume,exotic flora and fauna. He borrows liberally from many sources, creating a heady concoction from which he is inspired.'

(from http://www.designbyjude.com/thestory.php)

(pictures via http://www.designbyjude.com/)