Swatch out!

Do you like my title? - Yep, pretty impressive, thought of it myself. Swatch out, get it? I am actually so proud. My brother, sister and I recieved these three watches to share, in the colours orange, black and white. Then, I saw them in DAZED & CONFUSED magazine and decided that they were officially awesome. The hands glow slightly neon in the dark, but not to bright, so you can see the hands and look at the time when you're in bed - but it doesnt keep you awake. Um, could you get any more superior? No. Who's genius idea was that!!? Below is me, cough 'modelling' cough cough the three watches. Don't worry, I dont wear all three watches out, I'm not completely insane...

Pictures from Dazed & Confused magazine May 2010


  1. You know, you could try wearing all three of them, just to see other people's reaction...

    ... Jk.
    Anyway, I kinda like the watches. Do you know if they sell them online?

  2. Ha, well you never know. :)
    Yes, they do at swatch.com if you visit their store.
    I believe the watches are called 'colour codes'

  3. Great, thanks! :)
    I believe I need to check them out.