I was first going to buy the OPI nail polish colour, "We'll always have Paris" because that's a quote taken from Casablanca (Best. Movie. Ever.) but it turns out the shop was out of stock of them (naturally) so I opted to buy these cute minions. Kudos to Isabelle for writing about the Shrek nail polishes...the colours are so pretty and pastel. I also got a pack  of OPI nail polishes for my birthday, courtesy of a friend of mine. The colours are all very bright (except the top coat). I also have a random pink glittery mini OPI nail polish I got last year from a friends party.

I kinda painted the nail polish onto pieces of paper so you can see the colours. I have school tomorrow and we aren't allowed to wear nail polish so there wouldn't really be a point in me painting it on and taking it off...plus, I am kinda crap at painting my nails. ):

Yeah, I didn't paint any of the red nail polish on because I couldn't open the bottle. Sad.

This is kind of off topic but the other day I saw The Runaways, it's an AMAZING film. I began watching it, not really expecting much but I was blown away. Dakota Fanning was gorgeous as Cherie Currie. Kristen Stewart has won my respect in playing this film role, she is epic. It was a pleasant surprise seeing Riley Keough, grand daughter of Elvis Presley in the film. Overall, The Runaways is probably one of my favourite films now, the music was great in the movie (I really appreciated it when they played Pretty Vacant by Sex Pistols). If you haven't seen the film, you definitely should.

Here's a random photo I took in a dressing room the other day:
(Max & Co. Bag, Arthur Galan Blue Tank Top, Scanlan & Theodore Cardigan, Prada Keychain thing)

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