Celebrity Perfume

I'm a total perfume addict (right now I'm in love with Kenzo Amour) - but I do admit I'm not a fan of Celebrity Perfumes, which is why I was so suprised to find this; the Best-Selling Celebrity Perfume List - who knew they sold so many bottles?

1. Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds $67.2 million
2. Sean John Unforgivable $48.5 million
3. Celine Dion $26.4 million
4. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker $25.7 million
5. Derek Jeter Driven $24.1 million
6. Diavolo by Antonio Banderas $18.8 million
7. Glo by J.Lo $18.58 million
8. Curious by Britney Spears $14.3
9. Fantasy by Britney Spears $10.1 million

(the list only goes up to 9 - how weird is that?)
What do you think of the list? I sort of half wanted Victoria Beckhams to be up there, but too bad. :(

Sorry for not posting, I was at my beach house for the week. :D

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