Sass & Bide

If you're a fellow Aussie and fashion follower, I'm sure you have heard of the fabulous label, Sass & Bide. Sass & Bide is definitely one of my favourite places to buy clothes from. Their stuff is different and quirky from the other designers. Although the pieces are quite costly (think approximately AU$150 for a t-shirt), Sass & Bide's pieces are truly top quality in every aspect and are sure to get some jealous stares from the people passing by. (:

I recommend you buy their signature, cute Zephyr t-shirts and rats leggings.

Take a look at their stuff on: sassandbide.com or net-a-porter.com

'Your Voice' dress

'Let Yourself Go' bodysuit

'From The Heart' zephyr t-shirt

Bronze Rats leggings

P.S I forgot to mention that each item of clothing has a really cool name (eg. The New Slang, When It Rains It Pours, I Shall Be Free, Sea of Love and more...)


  1. i'm loving the leggings!!
    i'm following you..
    take a look at my blog? :)

    - tanna


  2. I love everything..the leggings are perfect!