Personal Favourites from Jean Paul Gaultier [Spring '10]

the theme was 'military', though the last picture kinda just look like she was caught in the middle of a battle. in stylish clothes. that are now ripped to shreds. how did that happen?
anyway... these are my favourite three looks from his runway show- the boots in the first picture. they're similar to shoes by 'Lucky Brand' called 'Kimberly Lace Up Suede Boots' exept they're like one zillionth of the price (more like 1/20, but... close enough, thats why we're telling you - incase you wanted a pair!! -$209, luckybrand.com)

the boots are pictured to the right
i quite like the boots, and have nothing against them become as huge as shoulder pads were this year (may we say, BALMAIN!?)

model - Morgane Dubled

model - Ali Stephens

model - sasha pivovarova

all photos from style.com

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