Vivienne Westwood & Lee join forces.

Our favourite Punk designer, Vivienne Westwood and denim brand, Lee are doing a collaboration together! The line will be called Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Lee Collection (what a mouthful, cant they shorten it to VWALC?) and it is expected to be released next fall. It will include microshorts, skinnies in different washes and bondage jeans. They're by Vivienne Westwood, so as you would expect, they're gonna be pretty nuts -

'...Washes will run from indigo to copper-coloured denim to denim printed with a l'oeil lace design' - Vivienne Westwood

You can get a pair at selected Vivienne Westwood boutique next year, for $128 - $320. Will YOU be getting a pair?

Check out her website, she's done some pretty awesome clothes in the past, and has an amazing perfume collection. :D

Model - Tati Cotliar

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