Some Drawings by Me!

If you've seen my profile page (by the way, this is Irene), you will see that drawing is on it. So...I decided to post some of my stuff up on here! These drawings aren't new ones though, I've been having a difficult time finding something to draw that isn't to hard or easy. Anyways...enjoy!

This is a drawing I did of a photo shoot out of British Harper's Bazaar, I think.

I <3 Miss Dior Cherie. The ad campaign is just gorgeous and the scent is lovely!


  1. I love your drawings! :D
    x oldfashioneddays.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you so much! I'll post some more later on... (:

  3. theese pictures are really nice, you are so good! (:
    Do now follow you, take a look at our blog if you want to (: