The Beautiful Show

Did anyone hear about the show, The Beautiful Life that aired for only two episodes but was then cancelled because of poor ratings? Well, now you can watch complete episodes of it on youtube(and it's legal!). I'm hooked on this show which tells the story of various characters who are involved in the fashion industry or more specifically, the modelling industry. I'm loving the plot, very juicy and the characters have no trouble when it comes to getting into dangerous situations. Although this show is really great, I must say that Elle Macpherson's acting skills do lack a bit but hey, at least she's trying...

Here's the link to the channel and enjoy! (:


P.S Did I mention that Zac Posen and 'Jessica "flippin" Stam(as Marissa put it)' make appearances in TBL(I think there are also other awesome people of the fashion industry in TBL but I can't remember)?

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