banging the computer to make it work is useless, unless your a robot passing super electrical powers to the computer.


I've been trying for TWO BLOODY WEEKS to get on to blogger, and it hasnt been letting me - has anyone else encountered these problems? well, no you havent - you've probarbly been able to freely blog as you please. anyhow, I finally got it working after I dropped my laptop from my bed to the floor in SHEEEEER RAGE. So, I apologize, for not posting in a gabillion years.

In other shit, I've found the most amazing mosturiser, (when I say found - I mean I found it in the cupboards, after it'd been given to my brother as a baby, nine years ago... yet its still good). 'Crabtree & Evelyn Beatrix Potter Tom Kitten Cream for Baby', is the name of it, though I dont think you can buy it anymore (but ever heard of EBAY?).

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