i'm kinda afraid for my mother's feet now

AHHHHH! Today my mum took to me after school to do a bit of shopping! Originally, she took me to go check out these awesome, chunky Prada boots (which were waaaay too eclectic for her) when we noticed another pair of Prada shoes. They're from the Prada S/S09 collection which was ages ago but just because it's from a while back doesn't mean it still isn't amazing. We got the shoes for a pretty good price. Here they are!

I actually tried walking in these babies and *&$%! THEY ARE SO HIGH. Even though when the shoes were produced to retail, the heel was shortened by quite a bit, they are still SO HIGH. The heels around 14cm (!!!) but it also has a platform so that makes it a bit more comfortable.

Oh, sorry about the REALLY terrible photography. I did it in such a rush with my phone's camera (only 3.2 megapixels D:), I would've used Canon we have but I think my dad's taken it with him for a business trip in Sydney... Again, sorry. The lighting in one of the photos is actually horrid. I will deliver better quality photos next time.

P.S Coco Rocha's now engaged to James Conran!!! I was so excited when I read the news and visited her blog (ohsococo.blogspot.com) to make sure it wasn't just some rumour. But the news is most definitely legible!! Congratulations to them both!

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